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At Al Yari Pharmacy, we believe that medicines are a vital part of modern health care and we believe our patients have a right to expect safe, affordable and cost-effective care. We are committed to providing patients and customers with a reliable supply of high-quality, safe and effective medicines. Operating with the strictest quality standards, we ensure that our customers live well, feel well and stay well.

Al Yari Pharmacy works with licensed and regulated pharmacies, in the region and around the world, which ensures that the medications dispensed are sourced from highly regulated manufacturers and distributors that are licensed by the relevant country’s competent authorities.

Al Yari Pharmacy is proactively involved in serving the Bahrain society and is actively involved in importation and distribution of healthcare products including medicines, equipment, consumable, health products and cosmetics. We channel partner with leading medical and health care manufacturers and suppliers under various mutually beneficial association schemes and programs.

Al Yari Pharmacy has retail outlets servicing the need of local patients in the Kingdom.

Al Yari Pharmacy has a Mobile APP and web based online-pharmacy division that caters to needs of patients who can benefit from ordering/reordering/refilling their prescription from the comfort of their home/office.


Our vision is to provide our customers with the best quality products supported by the best in application and in addition providing training locally and internationally after sales to our customers whenever needed in order to deliver the best to the patients also striving for excellence in healthcare through a wide network of friendly neighbourhood pharmacies, offering premium products, professional services, personal care and pleasant ambience that meets the requirements of our customers.


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Proficient Management

Our Partners

Credit Trust


Hold firmly on to the human and ethical values ensuring quality healthcare delivery.

Become the preferred provider of comprehensive healthcare at an affordable cost to our customers.

Achieve exponential growth harnessing the necessary human, technological and financial resources.

Be the employer of choice nurturing a committed team to carry forward the mission.